Causes of Developmental Dyslexia

There are many theories of what is causing Developmental Dyslexia, and very little consensus. Specifically, many studies report some cognitive deficit in a group of participants with dyslexia, and follow-up studies fail to show such a group difference. This low replicability rate makes Developmental Dyslexia an interesting case study from the perspective of the Replication Crisis. We are working on a DFG-funded project to identify theoretical, methodological, and statistical issues that are related to replicability of studies testing theories of Developmental Dyslexia.


This project is part of the Meta-Rep Priority Programme, funded by the DFG.


Ms. Yi Leung - Doctoral candidate

Ms. Tatiana Logvinenko - Doctoral candidate

Ms. Lina della Libera - Research Assistant


Schmalz, X., Treccani, B., & Mulatti, C. (2021). Developmental Dyslexia, Reading Acquisition, and Statistical Learning: A Sceptic’s Guide. Brain Sciences, 11(9), 1143.