Open Science

About me

Welcome to my website! Here, you can find some information about what I'm currently working on and past projects.


I'm a research group leader at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Munich. I'm a cognitive psychologist/psycholinguist and an open science enthusiast. My research is mainly about the cognitive processes underlying skilled reading, and about how children learn to read.


I occasionally hold workshops or seminars on Open Science or statistics for psychologists. If you're interested in a workshop at your institution (held in English, German, Russian, Italian, or Czech), please contact me. For more details, see the "Open Science" section.


I'm also an ambassador for the Center of Open Science. I sometimes blog, mainly about being an early career researcher (out of lack of creativity, the blog is called Xenia Schmalz's Blog). Here, I blogged about why I decided to create my own website.